Dear Karyn- Thank you again for your school. The unique education I received was exactly what I needed, and is exactly what the healing community needs. I practice holistically, and was only able to do this because of the unique trading I received at your school.
--Ramona Bessinger (Diamond Inaugural class 2015)

Dear Karyn. What a beautiful minister of healing and benediction you turned out to be! I will carry the memory of your lovingly bestowed beneficence all my life. May you be many times rewarded. Gratefully.
–Anna Wendell

Hiya Karyn! I hope your trip home was welcoming and smooth! As I hope your days are this as well. I am sending so much gratitude to you because I feel truly honored to have been one of your students. You are such an amazing teacher. I feel blessed that the divine order has sent such wonderful, knowledgeable, wise teachers into my spiral. Thanks for all you shared and the ripple effect has only just begun. What a beautiful wave this is becoming!

Hello again, many thanks for your quick answer. I have decided to do a general holistic health course first to have a basic foundation but I will do your Ayurveda for Massage Therapists 101 course following this in a few months time. I just wanted to say, that after spending 3 weeks on the internet trying to find distance learning options, and there are so many, your site stands out like a fresh oasis – it’s modern, neat, appealing, looks so credible and the information provided is clear and step-by-step. It is amazing that you are one of the very few who even teach distance learning via the help of video! Best regards.

I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy reading your Newsletters. They are always beautiful, informative, and have something I can apply to my life (like the flu recipe :)) I like your style! Hope you are well and keeping busy!

Hi Karyn. I have just read through your ethics course and find it exceptionally beautiful, well thought out and finely written. Thank you. I look forward to taking more of your courses in future. Again, many thanks.

First, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the Sacred Stone 50 ceu class/ test I took online. i now see you are offering a DVD on Ayurvedic Detox. You note that ceu credits are pending. Does this mean it will be worth ceus or that it might? I live in CA and wonder if this course will be honored by AMTA, etc. Also, how many ceus for this class? Thank you for your time on this matter. AND Thank you so much for opening the world of Ayurveda to me. Namaste.
–Roberta Bryant

Hi Karyn. Thank you so much for the wonderful teachings. I am using my new rocks from Sachuest and my clients are loving them and getting healed by them. I am so happy I met you and look forward to more in the future. I have not yet received a certificate for the 3 day class? If you send it in an e-mail, I can download it and print it. Would you put the name just as Jewell? That is what everyone knows me as, no last name. Thanks. Here is one of the photos I took of you. I am sending the whole folder through SENDYOURFILES, so look for that. I know you were not feeling well during the class, but know I got all the wonderful teachings, you are a generous and loving soul.

Happily read all your e-mails and your presence has stayed very alive for me since taking the shirodhara course a few years ago. I checked out my birth card: Queen of Clubs. I would love a reading from you. I scrutinized my calendar to see if there was anyway I could come to Iowa for PK with you before Christmas, but no space this year. Just wanted you to know how happy I would be to do this with you, especially as you were making it affordable. Some day! I love and honor your presence on the Earth!
–Patricia Berger

Karyn, I well remember your Sacred Stone massage course, which I took at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge many years ago; it was one of the best courses I’ve had in my 11 years of professional continuing ed. training. I gained so much information and have so many new things I want to check out now and I thank you for all your inspiration.

Karyn, I think we are all bright, shining lights! I am hearing echoes of John Lennon in my mind, “we all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun!”