Asian Hara Abdominal Massage (Weekday)


Asian Hara Abdominal Massage (Weekday)

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According to Eastern Medicine and philosophy the abdomen represents the core energy within the body. It is where the first channel of energy was formed and most of the organs are housed. Asian abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang, Hara Massage, Ampuku) releases tension and adhesions, helps to detoxify the organs, opens the diaphragm facilitating deeper breathing, promotes digestive and hormonal balance. It treats conditions such as low back pain, irregularity, painful periods, prolapse and infertility. Working the abdomen relaxes the nervous system promoting a parasympathetic healing state, grounds, centers, helps to recharge the inner batteries (adrenals) and the release of stuck emotions and cellular memory within the body.

Abdominal massage can be done in conjunction with a full body massage or can be a treatment in itself. It is performed using a firm but gentle pressure. Energetic practices such as qigong, yoga, meditation, dancing and singing are all focused around the core and working this area increases awareness and vitality. It can be performed on skin or over a blanket and the techniques can also be used on oneself for self-care.

Student Objectives for Asian Hara Abdominal Massage:

1)    Increase self care and awareness by learning how to ground energy in the hara, (Abdominal core)

2)    Mindful breathing techniques along with an abdominal massage protocol that can be done on oneself.

3)    Increase the student’s comfort level working on the abdomen.

4)    Review of the anatomy of the abdomen and how the viscera can be positively affected by massage.

5)    How to ground and center a client through relaxing and releasing the abdominal tension.

6)    Introduce a protocol that can be done with lotion on the skin or draped over a blanket.

7)    Explain contraindications.

8)    Awareness around the abdomen as the second brain.

9)    Increase awareness around meridians, abdominal reflexes, and acupoints on the abdomen that can be used as treatment points

10) Awareness around how emotions can the affect the organs and how to get a parasympathic response that reduces stress by working the abdomen.

Tuition excludes lodging and transportation. Please do not make airplane or other non-refundable travel reservations until you have spoken over the phone or email to the seminar instructor within 1 month of the seminar to confirm your registration. SAMA is not responsible for refunding travel costs should a seminar cancel.

Class Summary:

  • Class Length: One-day Workshop
  • Class Credits: 6 CEs from the NCBTMB
  • Location: 855 Waterman Ave, East Providence, RI
  • Class Hours: 10am-4pm
  • Food & Dining: Bring your own, or join us at one of the nearby restaurants
  • Master Instructor: Nancy Web