School Policies

A Complete Listing of School Policies will be provided at Orientation in the Student Handbook and can also be found on the Student Central Portal.

Please Observe The Following

  • Scent-free classroom to accommodate those with allergies to scents.
  • Cell phones must be turned to vibrate. Emergency phone calls are to be taken outside the classroom.
  • No shoes past the front door.
  • While sitting on the floor, position the soles of your feet away from the instructor or cover with a blanket. (yogic tradition)

Credit Transfer & State Licensing

  • The institution where you completed your transfer course work must be accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Transcript must be  from a state or federally accredited school, with the exception of ITEC schools. Exceptions can be made for doctoral transcripts and Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical Science (BAMS). 
  • You may transfer a maximum of 200 credits with transcripts no older than 5 years. Exceptions can be made for doctoral transcripts and Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical Science (BAMS).
  • Courses may transfer to NMS if you have received grades of C or better.
  • All courses you submit for transfer must be completed within the past five years.
  • All courses submitted for transfer must be applied for and posted to your academic record prior to your enrollment.
  • You may be required to submit a portfolio demonstrating your competency in the transfer course objectives.
  • The final decision regarding your transfer is determined by the Owner of NMS.
  • The administrative fee for In-house transfers from one program to another within NMS is $108
  • Approval of transfer course work for the Massage Program does not guarantee transfer of the same courses for another academic programs at NMS. 
  • Transfer policies are subject to change.
  •             $700 off for 100 hours
  •             $1050 off for 150 hours
  •             $1400 off for 200 hours - Max

Eligibility For Enrollment:

High school graduation certificate or GED or equivalency, ie, home-school certificate. All foreign students must also provide proof of the same. Exceptions: We can allow a student without such a certificate into the program on "probation" for the first 225 hours. If that student meets all other standards during the 225 hours of probation, the student will automatically be accepted fully into the program. We can also accept current high school students into our program under special circumstances. Contact our office for details.

SAMA's Philosophy

SAMA is a unique school because we cultivate sattvic behavior based on the Yama's and Niyamas, which is an ethical way of living based on Yogic Philosophy. We expect students to be accountable for their behavior, mood, success, and experiences at the school. In order to create the space for others to heal, we must first establish a sattvic gentleness within our self. "When Sattva predominates, the light of wisdom shines through every gate of the body." (Bhagavad Gita 14: 11).                                              

When a student is steadily rooted in the science of self-study, then the term "self-referral" in all things at all times will support students in their learning experience and their level of happiness and fulfillment. This supports the theory that we, as human beings, are accountable for everything that happens to us and for every experience and feeling we encounter. We ask students to "come back to the Self" or the Divine within the Self, especially during times of discomfort instead of blaming or bullying others.

Students who learn to "stay in their own lane" and stop minding everyone else's business, comparing themselves to others, judging or "blowing whistles", will have a much more rewarding and successful educational journey. According to the laws of Nature, this way of living will support their life's purpose with unbounded joy. Meditation is one of the best ways to establish self-awareness and raise the consciousness of the "knower".

"What is the basis of all study? Naturally, it is the student, the knower. The knower is the common basis of all knowledge. Unless the knower of knowledge is brought to conscious awareness, the common basis of all branches of learning will not be structured in the mind. Therefore, knowledge of the knower is the direct means to arrive at the goal of interdisciplinary study." (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1972, 28–5) 

Books, Materials & Learning Tools

Students are responsible for buying their own books and learning tools. A list of books and materials can be found online at the SAMA website and will be provided to students. Class materials for specific seminars may amount to approximately $175 by the end of the program, as each seminar's required materials amount to about $5-15. Student are required to supply their own massage linens and oils. SAMA will supply massage tables for practice.

Use Of Space:

This will be a coed classroom. Modesty and privacy will be respected and honored.  . 


There are available parking spots in the lot around our building. Please be sure to lock your car to keep your belongings safe.

Restaurants/Stores/Local Map:

Many places to eat, shop, and explore are in walking distance from SAMA. Feel free to bring your own food too, as there is a small refrigerator available.