What are Clients Saying About Our Ayurvedic Student Massage Clinic?

What is an Ayurvedic Massage? Studies show that receiving a professional therapeutic massage about once per month can dramatically lower stress levels and rejuvenate the body. Stress and unresolved emotions accumulate in our tissues and can be processed and removed with Ayurvedic massage techniques. Stress, being the root cause of most disease, can be managed with meditation, yoga, exercise, laughter, breath techniques, prayer, music, mantra, Ayurvedic massage, dance, being in nature, nutrition for your Ayurvedic body type and balancing work, play, family, school and relationships. Balance is the key word. The Sanskrit word for balance is "sama" and is also the acronym of: Sacred Stone Academy of Massage and Ayurveda (S.A.M.A.). The Newport Massage School at SAMA offers Ayurveda, massage and yoga all under one roof. Any sort of therapeutic massage can be cathartic, but Ayurvedic oil massage, also known as abhyanga, nourishes the tissues using oil as food for the cells, transcending most forms of bodywork and reversing the aging process.. Book an Ayurvedic massage online in our student clinic for only $35 at this link--> http://thenewportmassageschool-student-clinic.genbook.com

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