Daytime Hours  ( and 1-2 Weekends/month)

*New* Gold Massage Program :

  • Start Date: Oct 4th, 2017
  • End Date: Oct 14th, 2018
  • Classes meet Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 10am-3pm most days and one - two weekends per month from Noon-6pm for the first 6 months.

After students pass the Student Clinic  Practical Exam, Independent Internship hours may begin. The program ends approximately 1 year from the start date.

Internship hours run throughout the year.  A calendar with details of the current 12-month program is located on the website.  The Fall calendar will be posted soon. There will be some time variations, so please check the online calendar regularly.  Approximately 3 hours of independent study will be required each week for the first 3 months.

Night time Hours (and 1-2 Weekends/month)

*New* Silver Massage Program:

  • Start Date: Oct 2, 2017
  • End Date: Nov 18, 2018
  • Classes meet Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesday nights 6pm-9:30pm, 1-2 weekends per month from Noon-6pm

Internship hours run through out the year.  A calendar with details of the current 12-month program is located on the website.  The new Fall calendar will be posted soon. Please refer to the online calendar regularly for the most up-to-date schedule as changes may occur.  The first few months will require approximately 3 hours of independent study each week for the first 3 months.


Download School Catalog Here

Download RI Massage Regulations Here


 Work toward your massage license in increments over the course of 5 years. Enroll in Module One (each module is approximately 3-4 months). Decide what works best for you and when is the right time frame for you to take the second then third module. Complete all three modules within a 5-year period and graduate with the credentials to become a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Each module within our 750 hour one-year program is $5200 if you care to only enroll in one module at a time. Complete the program (Three 3-4 month modules totaling 11-12 months and 750 hours) within a 5-year time frame to earn your transcript merging the modules for a $250 admin fee. Module one begins each Fall. Module two begins in Winter, and module three begins late Spring.

Module One: October 4th, 2017 - Jan 19th, 2018-->231 Credits + 22 Independent study (257 total)
Module Two: Jan 2018 - April 20th, 2018--> 247 Credits
Module Three: April 21st, 2018- Sep 15th, 2018-->  250 Credits
Total:  750 Credits

Email us at or call us 401-862-1314 to enroll in separate semesters!


Licensed Massage Therapist Program

Approved for GI Bill® students for classes this January 2017!

Essential Sciences of Therapeutic Massage 200 Hours

  • 105-110 hours of Theory Anatomy & Physiology
  • 90 hours of Theory Kinesiology, Pathology 

Massage Applied Theory & Practice Techniques 300+ Hours(and 150 Clinic Hours)

  • 100-110 hours of Applied Anatomy & Physiology
  • 120-125 hours of Theoretical Technique, Kinesiology, Pathology 
  • 132 hours Ayurveda Massage, Eastern, Traditional & Holistic Modalities
  • Student Clinic: Supervised Practice Massage: 150 Hours

Concepts & Standards Of Therapeutic Massage (Electives) 125 Hours

  • 30 hours of Ethics
  • 30 hours of Office Procedure & Professionalism
  • 30 hours of Business, Law & Marketing
  • 5-10 hours of First Aid
  • 10-20 hours of MBLEX (National Exam) Review

Total Program: 750 Hours

Our curriculum is specifically approved for licensure in the state of RI. If your state requires more hours in a certain subject, we can offer that to you under the Electives portion. Our curriculum should meet the requirements in most states, but it is up to the student to research this as every state has different regulations. Some states will accept a passing score of the MBLEX exam as a mitigating factor for any conflicting or missing required state hours. Click here to read Massachusetts requirements.

See All Course Descriptions Here!


A passing grade of 75% required to graduate:

  • Satisfactory Attendance: 30%
  • Quizzes: 10%
  • Exams (written & practical): 25%
  • Exam Preparedness (Homework): 10%
  • Clinic Professionalism & Timeliness 15%
  • Personal/Emotional Accountability & Attitude: 10%

    Accountability Defined: Students who have mastered personal/emotional accountability do not repeatedly harass and contact the staff, challenge authority and regulations, continually complain, require extra attention, over-react from minor schedule fluctuations, have needless panic attacks resulting in a plethora of nasty emails or phone calls to the instructors or the RI Board. These are students that have not learned how to be "accountable" for their own drama, as well as manage their own stress levels, stay "in their own lane" and struggle with crossing professional and personal boundaries by "unstressing" on their fellow classmates or staff. 


Students are responsible for book fees. The first 3 are available for purchase at NMS. The Marma Therapy Cards may be purchased through

Total Book Fees: $165

Other Fees

$50 non-refundable application fee.

Students will be required to purchase small supplies for their massage therapy practice during their time at SAMA in order to participate fully in the hands-on portion of the curriculum. For example, sheets, oils, bottles, etc. This amount should not exceed $175 for the entire program.

AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) Membership and Student Insurance: Enrollment in AMTA is included in your tuition at no additional cost to you. Upon joining AMTA, each student is insured for the year while at NMS under AMTA’s Student Policy.

CPR Certification: As part of the application for Licensure in RI, the RI Board of Health requires applicants provide a current CPR Certification. AMTA offers a discounted price to members. 

For more information go to: www.AMTAmassage.orgThis is a valuable online resource for students and recent graduates.

Total Other Fees: $225

Total Combined fees: $390

During the last quarter of all the programs offered at NMS, students are obligated for full tuition and fees (unless they are financing on an extended private student loan) and no refund will be granted.  All books, learning tools,  and instructional supplies are purchased by the student and are the student’s sole responsibility. There will be no refund on such items.

Students are responsible for providing their own massage table linens and massage oils/products for their SAMA In-House Clinic Experience. Students may keep their tips to help cover these costs. 125 of the 150 hours are required to be done In-House at SAMA. The remaining clinic internship of 25 hours can be done in RI at a NMS approved field placement.

 AMTA Student Insurance: Newport Massage School will provide student-level liability insurance to massage program students for the first year of their education at NMS.  The coverage is provided through AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) as part of your membership.  Once licensed, NMS graduates will be able to upgrade to professional level insurance by renewing  your AMTA membership, or you may choose to purchase liability insurance independently or through another professional organization.  is a valuable online resource for students and recent graduates.