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The Newport Massage School, LLC For Sale

"People of genius do not excel in any profession because they work in it, they work in it because they excel".  -William Hazlitt

"It's never too late to be who you might have been". --George Eliot

The Newport Massage School (NMS) is the first credentialed, holistic, massage therapy school inspired by ayurveda, shamanism and traditional medicine in the country! We provide a quality post secondary traditional and metaphysical massage education that will prepare students to pass the state licensing exam and find employment in the massage and holistic healing arts industries. We did double the enrollment at the 3 other neighboring massage schools.

It took me 2 years to earn approval by the RI Board of Governors for Higher Education because they did everything they could to prevent me from opening simply because my school would be the only private massage school in RI,  creating more paperwork for them. (We have a fantastic connection with them now though!) Finally, a lawyer, who was like an angel fallen from the sky, stepped up to protect me in the approval process to make sure I wasn't railroaded by all the unfair politics. He worked with me pro bono, which leads me to believe the opening of this school was destined and protected. It is my hope that the new owner will treat it as such and carry on the legacy of this destiny. 

Owning this massage school has been the most rewarding experience of my life. There is big money to be made from this point forward.


What You Would Be Buying: The RI State Approval Credential, GI Bill Veterans Approval, Dept of Labor and Training Scholarship Approval,  Curriculum, Policies, Brand, Logo, Operations Manuals, Business Plan, website, School Catalog Template, Intellectual Property Rights, List of Instructors, Infrastructure, Working Compliant Student Forms. We have amazing staff that would be happy to stay on board, including me.
2016 Revenue: $198,200.    2017 Revenue is much higher. The exact figure has yet to be determined.    Net Income: $50,030  Free Cash Flow: $40,292. These figures are straight from the accountant for tax reasons. I have my own set of numbers that are a little higher than that, so these are conservative figures.

Details: The Newport Massage School started as Sacred Stone School in 2002, a continuing education provider school for the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and expanded to a proprietary vocational school in 2012, approved by the RI Board of Education. The school achieved candidate status with NACCAS, a federal accreditation organization that help schools offering FAFSA student loans and title 4 funding, but after being 3/4 of the way into the process, we realize that state accreditatin is all we want and need. This article will back that up:  what is said in this article at this link is true.

Should the new owner wish to continue the process, I am happy to help you finish where I left off.  We are also approved for students with the GI Bill, as well as those without a job at the RI Department of Labor and Training. We usually have between 7-15 students per class and have graduated many, many students who have gone on to pass the national MBLEX exam and find successful jobs. Our staff includes a Director, Finance Administrator, Clinic Supervisor, Compliance Office, IT Manager and many skilled faculty. Our location is pristine and centrally located. It's a turn-key operation, and very rewarding on many levels. We expect to grow exponentially, as we were the first credentialed, private massage therapy school inspired by the holistic science of ayurveda and yoga in the country! The Department of Labor predicts the massage therapy profession to increase over 20% before 2020. Massage Envy is a hot commodity and we expect the same success with the right owner. I am the owner of this business and have been a licensed massage therapist since 1997. Though my school is lucrative, exciting and promising, I am ready to for a new chapter in my life in a different industry.

                                                    Class in Session 2017

                                                  Class in Session 2017

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Profit Secrets: The three areas that schools profit the most are in the student massage clinic, the retail store on campus and even more so with online wellness products, and continuing education (CE) recertification seminars online and on campus.

Inside: We were located in a newly renovated industrial park with lovely landscaping, plenty of parking, friendly neighbors and walking distance to many shops. Inside is bright and cheery, professionally decorated with a peaceful, clean, soft, beautiful atmosphere in the clinic and a stimulating learning environment for students. We have 2 administrative offices with huge windows, 2 ADA bathrooms, shower, and kitchenette, walk in storage closet, gorgeous furniture and wall decor and about 2,300 square feet. The space is still available, though empty. The new owner can use these pictures for re-decorating ideas or find an different location.

The former location: Central to most major highways at 855 Waterman Avenue East Providence, RI and about 1 hour to Boston, 5 minutes to MA and 45 to CT. Highways are about 5 minutes away and easy to find!

Click here to download the non-disclosure if you wish to review the valuation

Competition: There are 3 other massage therapy schools in Rhode Island, but we are the only private school as well as the only holistic massage school offering the most unique and cutting edge curriculum. We are the lowest priced because we have a smaller space and less overhead than the other schools that are basically vocational tech schools and a community college. They offer FAFSA student loans, which is hard to compete with until we are also FAFSA approved. We expect FAFSA approval early 2018 or sooner!

  Value of furniture and fixtures: $11K Value of inventory/stock: $4K

Value of furniture and fixtures: $11K
Value of inventory/stock: $4K

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday administration is available 10am-6pm. Classes are held M,T,W evenings and W,Th,F days and one or two weekends per month.

Expansion Possibilities at the Former Location: The space beside us is the only vacant space in our friendly industrial office park. The new buyer could easily expand into that space. As well as there is a church a few doors down with an infinite amount of space they are looking to rent out. We have established a synergistic collaboration with them.

Consultation Services:  I am willing to stay on as a consultant and instructor at an hourly rate or salary for 1 year.

Lease Terms:
6 years:
Period PSF      Monthly Base Rent    Annual Base Rent
Months 1-13*            $8.25* $1,546.99*     $18,562.50*
Months 14-25           $8.75$1,640.63       $19,687.50
Months 26-37           $9.25$1,734.38       $20,812.50
Months 38-49           $9.75$1,828.13       $21,937.50
Months 50-61           $10.25            $1,921.88       $23,062.50


Why Am I Selling? Though my school is lucrative, exciting and promising, I am ready to for a new chapter in my life in a different industry. I believe we should be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and follow our passions. I have been passionate about this industry for over 20 years and have succeeded tremendously, but am ready and inspired to continue operating SAMA, my Ayurvedic Health Counselor online school, as well as grow my medical astrology practice, teach it, write books and podcasts. My astrology practice has grown out of control by "word of mouth" and I am sadly turning clients away as I am too busy at the massage school. It's time for a new chapter!

Download the School Catalog Here