Faculty/Independent Contractor Invoice

Teachers: Please submit this invoice for payment once your have completed your entire teaching module.  Invoices submitted before instructional module begins will be returned to instructor. Invoices are paid bi-weekly.

Independent Contractors: Please submit your invoice bi-weekly by 10 p.m. on Sunday beginning with the second Sunday of the month. Example: Hour worked for the first two weeks of May 2017 are billed on Sunday May 14th. Hours worked from May 14th through May 27th to be billed no later than 10 p.m. on Sunday My 28th.


NMS/SAMA must have a copy of your professional license & professional insurance binder on file to process payment.                                                                       Copies of these documents can be emailed to support@sacredstonehealing.com

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Please use the first date of the module taught as your invoice number. (i.e. Invoice 01012017 for 01/01/2017.)
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Please multiply the number of hours you taught by your contracted hourly fee: