Ayurvedic Health Consultations Available!

Would you like to know what type of massage and bodywork might be best for your Ayurvedic constitution? Book an Ayurvedic Health Consultation with Dr. Hema Embar, MBBS, AWC at The Newport Massage School at the Blue Book Now Button on the right.

When you sign up for an Ayurvedic Health Consultation, you will receive a full assessment of your health from a holistic perspective using the time-proven diagnostic methods and remedial measures from one of the worlds top three internationally recognized medical systems. Dr. Hema will tailor a specific diet, assign certain types of yoga, mantra and changes in your daily routines to help you reach radiant and health and give you the tools to heal your life.


Dr. Hema Embar, MBBS, AWC is a medical doctor from India. She did her medical training from South India and has more than 10 years of healthcare experience in modern medicine. In the US, she worked in clinical research at Harvard affiliate hospitals in Boston area, in the field of Diabetes and Heart disease. Later she desired to expand her scope of knowledge and enhance her clinical practice with a more integrative and wholesome approach through Ayurveda. She is a NAMA certified Ayurveda wellness counselor from Kerala Ayurveda Academy, USA.  Her focus is to work with her clients at a more personal level, respecting their uniqueness and understanding their challenges, thereby being able to provide logical and practical recommendations towards positive health and longevity. She also loves teaching and spread the knowledge of Ayurveda to people!

Student Massage Clinic Schedule

To be notified about our student clinic schedule, please enter your email, phone and mailing address so we may contact you to let you know when and where clinics will be running. We prefer everyone books online to make this easier for our staff to manage, but if you absolutely prefer the phone, please call 401-214-2500 or email us at Thank you!

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