Ayurvedic Health Counselor Tuition

Next Program Starts Oct 25, 2018! We are filling up quickly! 
Each year we assign a new gemstone or precious metal to the program. 
This year it's called Bronze AHC Program.


Call us if you prefer to make monthly installments over an extended private in-house loan: 401-408-6971

There are times through out the year when SAMA receives donations that provide our students with scholarship funding. Please check in to find out your eligibility by contacting support@sacredstonehealing.com. Students may make monthly payments as low as $308/mo using an auto-deduct debit arrangement on an extended loan. 

As a student in the program... “IM IN THE PROGRAM”.... , The Citrine AHC... Molly and Renee are unbelievable... I have never had such supportive, attentive and wise guidance in an academic program I was involved and or participating... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
— Heidi Webber