Welcome to S.A.M.A!  

Seaside Academy of Massage and Ayurveda! 
Home of The Newport Massage School and Sacred Stone School since 1999!

SAMA means 'balance' in Sanskrit and is an acronym for Seaside Academy of Massage and Ayurveda. SAMA is also the home of Sacred Stone, established in 1999. According to the science of Ayurveda, the human body, given the right support, has an inherent capacity to heal itself. It is considered 1 of the top 3 medical systems in the world listed by the World Health Organization. Our holistic center provides empowering workshops in the healing arts, online learning, yoga classes, certified educational wellness programs and blissful, therapeutic services for the body, mind and soul.  We are one of the only private proprietary massage school in RI recognized by RI Board of Governors for Higher Education, National Ayurvedic Medical Association, Yoga Alliance and Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage, providing students opportunities for a comprehensive, unique and diverse education. We are also one of the only credentialed massage schools where graduates can simultaneously receive their state license as well as their certification in Ayurvedic bodywork and healing. Our dedicated and spirited founder of SAMA, Karyn Chabot, D. Ay, MA, LMT, fulfills her dream by teaching and helping people live a life of balance, take their health into their hands, renew the sweetness of life, make informed choices and find their passion and true purpose.