SAMA - 128 Long Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

  • Learn Ayurveda & Marma Point Therapy With Karyn!

    Marmas are doorways of consciousness and junction points of pranic channels that can be both diagnostic and remedial.

  • Learn Ayurvedic Bodywork & Yoga In Costa Rica With Karyn & Dr. Carlos!

    Earn your certification in Ayurvedic Massage and explore the volcanoes, butterfly gardens, beaches, white rivers and rainforest! The curriculum will include Garshana and Abhyanga (dry skin brushing and oil massage) as well as Nasya and Karna Purana Therapy (ear and nose cleansing), along with Dr. Carlos’s amazing yoga and wellness electives, approved by Yoga Alliance.

  • Sacred Stone Therapy – Newport, RI

    Find it in your heart to find a magical heart stone on the beach during a Sacred Stone Massage Therapy class!  The beaches are filled with hearts; oceans of love…

  • Train To Be A Yoga Teacher With Karyn & Dr. Carlos!

    This 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered program is rooted in the traditions of Hatha, Ashtanga, Ayurvedic and western nutrition, anatomy, alignment of postures, prescriptive yoga therapeutics, Vedic chanting, yoga philosophy, and Sanskrit, the language of yoga. Renew your body and lose your mind! Join us in the fun!  

  • Where Shirodhara Meets Bamboo Therapy!

    Learn ancient therapies such as Shirodhara Therapy and Tian Di Bamboo Massage & Chinese cupping.

  • Three Exciting Ways To Study With Us

    At Sacred Stone, we offer three exciting ways to study with us. First, you can take our on-site classes in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. Second, you can take our courses online with your computer. Lastly, you can take our courses at home, for a more traditional learning experience. Choose your own path!


Food of the Gods!

Spring is the best time of year to do a cleanse! Here is an ancient yogic recipe called Kitchadi, aka, Food of the Gods. This is eaten as a mono-fast for 1-7 days to help purify your body, mind and heart system. Eliminate all other food and drink except purified water or herbal tea. Dandelion Yogi Tea is an excellent […]